10 Best Ways to Work Abroad

Are you someone who craves to live in several different parts of the world and learn about them? If yes, then you must consider living and working abroad. It is one of the best ways to know the world from your perspective and become a global citizen. In today’s time, the entire world has become highly interconnected as people from different countries are looking for working opportunities away from their homeland. The only difficulty lies in finding the ways to work abroad.

Well, it’s not that easy to find job opportunities in other countries as each one of them has different rules and regulations. Be it the visa process or qualification for a job, it is different in every country. To make your life easier, here we bring you some ways to work abroad and find your calling. 

How does working abroad work?

Work Abroad

One of the best ways to travel and live in a foreign country is to consider looking for work abroad. With globalization, several companies have opened their doors for people from different parts of the world. Now, there are no barriers to working abroad as there are opportunities everywhere. No matter which field of work you belong to, there are job opportunities for everyone. As the jobs and designations are becoming more divergent, it has become quite easier to find ways to work abroad.

There are job opportunities for everyone, be it someone who has just passed college or someone wishing to make a shift in career. If you’re determined to work hard, then you can surely work abroad and have a successful career.

What many people don’t know is that the term working abroad refers to several various things. It’s all based upon several important factors like the destination you choose to work, the employer you work for, and last not but least, your stay period. Working abroad is a complex process altogether.  Once you’ve decided on the most suitable way to work abroad, then it’s time to think about all other aspects involved.

10 Ways to Work Abroad

Teaching Profession

If you’re someone who loves being around children and wants them to have a brighter and better future then you must become a teacher abroad. No matter which part of the world you teach, it is going to have the same impact on your students. One of the most commonly spoken and accepted languages all over the world is english. So, when you decide to teach abroad, take up english as your subjects and learn their local language from them.If you’re not a native english speaker then you can also teach your own language. There are several language schools in big cities all around the world. 

With digitalization, now there also exist websites like iTalki where you can teach the students your native language online. These websites provide you with the opportunity to work from any part of the world without any specific recommendations. All you have to do is sign in, teach and get paid for it. There are several companies that hire teachers from different countries like Cambly and TeachAway.

The teaching profession comes with flexible working hours which gives you enough time to explore the country you’ve chosen. It’s one of those work abroad choices which can be taken up by anyone, be it someone young, middle aged or old.

Some of the major benefits of teaching abroad include a good salary that covers the low cost of living of the country you’re in. If you’re just graduated, it can help you pay off your education loans. The only negative side of this profession is that while you’re a  temporary, it can be difficult for you to adjust to life abroad.

Approach an Agency or Program Provider

While you’re finding ways to work abroad, you can opt for an agency or program provider. They are capable enough to find you a wide range of work be it an internship or volunteering programs all around the world. Not only that, these agencies also help you in getting your visas and job.

The consulting fees differ from agency to agency. But, opting for an agency will help you navigate your way towards working abroad. They can turn this tough process into a simpler one by setting up everything you need. The only thing that wouldn’t work in your favour while hiring an agency is the budget. They charge a bomc which can leave with little money when you finally reach your destination.

Opting for a working holiday visa

If you’re someone who wishes to work abroad but not on a permanent basis, then the best option for you is a working holiday. This option is available for anyone ageing from 18-35. The person is entitled to stay up to 2 years. The countries that offer such working holidays are England, Australia, and New zealand.

Generally, these working holiday jobs are service based like bar-tender, farmers, or waiters. These jobs don’t pay much but will provide you enough money to survive. Talking about the working holiday visa, it consists of information like where you’ll work and for how much time. Luckily there are no restrictions on travelling, you can travel wherever you like.

Working holiday visa provides you with the opportunity to work and gain experience. The experiences you gain here will help you in your future endeavours. One can easily obtain this visa, but the only one that doesn’t work well is the age limit.


If you wish to earn while travelling the world, then working as a freelancer is the best possible option. This option is available for various professions like photographers, vloggers, or travel writers. It is the best option for people who hate working from 9-5. With freelancing you’ll have the freedom to work abroad while doing what you actually enjoy. This profession is extremely flexible and works wonders for start up entrepreneurs.

There is high competition in freelancing, so you’ll have to keep up the good work for creating an impactful portfolio. It will get you the clients you’ve been waiting for. These jobs are short-termed and you choose from what you want to do. There are several online websites that provide work such as upwork, Task Rabbit, and Fiverr.


If you’re interested in giving back to society by helping other people, then volunteering is a suitable option for you. Your wish to work abroad will be filled with something that has the ability to impact a lot of lives. Always remember that working as a volunteer will not get you any money but it will provide you with several opportunities to learn problem-solving skills and cross – cultural communication skills. The handson experience that you will get here is much more valuable than any pay cheques you’ll ever receive. Volunteering is the best way to work abroad after graduating from college. One of the best online sites to find volunteering opportunities are  WWOOF, world packers, etc.

There are times when volunteers get into dirty business and lose their track. So, make sure that you stay away from such people. The places that are famous for such operations are orphanages and animal shelters. If you find out about such unethical practices, please report to your respective head.

Au Pair 

Are you someone who cares a lot for other people? What if I say that you’ll get paid for doing the same? It’s like hitting a jackpot, Isn’t? Well, you’ll not only get paid, but will also be provided with a room and board. All you’ll have to do is look after kids and spend time with them. One of the best parts of this job is weekends off which will give you enough time to explore the city or the country.

Some of the best sites to find au pair jobs are International exchange, Au Pair World, and Au Pair.com. It is not an easy task to be an au pair, you’ll have to do thorough research for finding a family that suits well. People who love working with kids will find this job to be easy and fulfilling.

Use Your Existing Skills

Rather than looking for new jobs, it is advised to discover your existing skills and turn them into a profitable business. When you’re planning to work abroad, consider your talents and skills as an asset. No matter if you’re a teacher or a musician, you’ll have the opportunity to work on your own without being dependent on others. Never be ashamed of your skill, make the best use of it and shine on.

If you possess a skill that is in demand, then it will become easy for you to make considerable money out of it. You should always make efforts to reach your target audiences, for the same you should advertise on online websites like Gumtree and Craigslist. There are greater chances of getting work after advertising on online platforms.

First Move There & Then Work

Not everyone likes to plan their lives, some of them like exploring various places without any concrete plans. Sometimes, you can just head out to your destination without getting a job. Once you reach the destination and know a bit about it, there are chances that you may get a better opportunity. 

Well, this just doesn’t sound like a conventional plan while planning to work abroad, but trust me it could be one of the best learning experiences of your life. Sometimes it’s okay to be without any plan and take it as they come into your stride. You can start sending applications before you reach your destination and then decide which one to take.

Hop on a Cruise Ship

Are you a person who likes to travel and meet different people? If yes, then you must think of working on a cruise ship. It is one of the most preferred ways to work abroad while also being an amazing way of earning good money. Being on cruise gives you an opportunity to network with various people belonging to different classes.

Generally speaking, most of the people who take up low- wage jobs in a cruise belong to developing countries. But, there are several other higher positions too. The job designation in a cruise ship are waiter, bartender, youth counselors, and entertainers. A single cruise gives employment opportunities to almost 200 people.

Opt for a Work Exchange

Work exchange is an amazing option for someone who doesn’t have a big budget. It is the only way to work abroad at absolutely no cost. It is one such field that provides you the opportunity to learn things from various cultures of the world. You can travel to any country you like to as there are several opportunities for work exchange. Here, you’ll get a room and board, all you have to do is get a visa and there you go. Go and chase your dreams without putting anything on stake.

One of the major benefits of work exchange is that your housing is free of cost and there are instances where meals are also available on no cost at all. The only thing that may irk you a bit is that you hardly have any say regarding your stay. There are times when accommodations are not up to the mark and you’ll have to adjust a bit accordingly. You’ll have to give up your privacy and all kinds of luxuries.

Stay in Hostels

If you want a job with no fixed time frame then you must consider working in a hostel. You can work as long as you want, be it for a day, a week or a month. It’s quite a flexible and easy going job. Besides this, there are a lot of opportunities available with a better pay.

These hostels are always looking out for people who can join their team as desk representatives, or tourist guides. Hostels are the best option when you’re looking for something that is temporary. One of the best things is that they provide you with a free housing facility and board with a considerable salary. While looking for hostel jobs, you should check out worldpackers, it is considered to be best in finding work in hostels around the world.

Wrapping Up

Before your flight takes off to your chosen destination, make sure to go through this article. It will lead you to the right way to work abroad. Here, our main goal is to make your planning successful so that your journey ahead is as smooth as butter. All we wish for you is that you get your dream job and dream life without any hiccups.

No matter where you work or what you do, working abroad will change your life forever. It is utterly delightful to live in various countries, working there and knowing their culture. In simple words, it’s a life-changing experience altogether. It provides you with a clear perception of yourself and the world around you. Always remember, do what you love and stay creative.

Money is utterly important but not more than your life and its learnings. All we recommend you is to open up, go out there, earn well, get what you want and have wished forever. Doing so will not feed your stomach, but your soul too.

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