How to Wear Saree for School Farewell Party

We all desire to wear a saree to our school farewell celebration, right? If the idea of wearing a saree for the first time ever gives you jitters, stay tuned!


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Raid your mother’s wardrobe and see if something catches your attention.

Most girls wear something out of their mommy’s wardrobe in their farewell.  It adds to the charm and sentiments, and your mother could love to doll you up in one of her Kanjeevaram saree or even Banarasi sarees.

Choose fuss-free fabrics

Do not go for tricky lettering designs that are difficult to perform and carry.  Choose simple styles and practice a bit before the occasion.  Also, choose easy to carry fabrics, like georgette, and steer clear of fabrics which are a hassle to carry and require a good deal of effort to drape.  Since this is the first time you do not wish to be concerned about issues like getting your pallu right.

Do not go too blingy if it’s a daily celebration

Don’t wear something too shimmery and glimmery which will catch a good deal of attention under the sun.  Since the majority of the school farewell parties are held during the day, wear something in pastel and light hues to look sober and classy.

Do not wear skies high heels

From personal experience, I have seen first timer girls wearing sky-high heels with sarees in the farewell and it never ends well.  Instead, opt for comfy heels like pliers or kitten heels and do not attempt to go over the top with stilettos if you have not worn them earlier.  In addition, don’t wear brand-new shoes on the day of the event to avoid any faux pas or discomfort.

Go easy on jewelry

As tempting as it might be to wear heavy danglers or bangles with your saree, refrain from doing this.  Since it is your first time in a saree, go easy on the accessories.  Stick to a simple bracelet, a couple of rings, watch and adorable drop earrings.  On the other hand, if you have spotted a statement necklace which you think would go fairly well with your saree, and the remainder of your outfit is fairly understated, then you might give it a go.

Experiment with draping styles

You don’t need to stick with traditional draping styles but be sure you go for a fuss-free and classy look.  Also, instead of draping your saree on a traditional petticoat, you can try draping it over leggings or palazzos.

Experiment with prints

There are a variety of prints like tribal, geometric and even animal which you can experiment and play around with.  Nonetheless, make sure you choose something that flatters your body and works down your defects.

Club a fancy blouse with a plain georgette/satin saree

This combination looks extremely well on young girls and helps in showing off all the curves perfectly.  You may even add a slick kamarbandh on your waist to further accentuate.

Carry a lot of safety pins

They will be quite useful in keeping the pleats of your saree in place, and there will be always that one friend at each farewell who will keep bugging everyone for a safety pin or two.

Go light on makeup

While plenty of cosmetics combined with some saree may add years to your age sporting a simple eye makeup, with a little blush and lip gloss will make you look young, fresh and vibrant.  Again, steer clear of dark-hued lipsticks and shimmer.  Always remember that less is more when it comes to makeup.

With your exams coming up, you will not have enough time to prepare your own outfit and think about accessories.  To handle studies with fun, it is crucial that you plan your outfit a minimum of two weeks prior to the big event.

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