Top 10 SEO trends of 2017

SEO is not dead as people think but it is to be used in conjunction with social media marketing. Since attention spans of people have become wider, they tend to spend less time on each platform.There will be a clear shift from desktop first to mobile first. Around 70% of searches and an equal number of purchases are made through mobiles. The majority of them (both organic and paid) coming from Android. Mobile search will now take centre-stage just as local search and polygonal marketing were on everyone’s mind, nearly a decade ago. With accelerated mobile pages that load faster, Google has laid the foundation of the mobile search industry.

Mobile-first indexing now takes precedence over everything else.

Since mobile first indexation has begun, if your brand does not have a mobile website, its rankings will then depend on the desktop one.Much of the surfing happens on the mobile but desktop searches are usually confined to four core areas and these have not changed in a decade:  these are computers and electronics, internet and telecom, science, travel. The reason being that users search heavily for products and services in these domains on the web before making a purchase. The bulk of the internet marketing spends is diverted to this sector. But after penguin, panda, hummingbird, pigeon, phantom updates, the need for high-quality content has once again surfaced.

Voice will be the next cash cow

Billions of dollars went into the Facebook acquisition of Instagram and Microsoft’s acquisition of SKYPE. Technology companies know that super busy employees tend to talk and get things done in a jiffy and cross-border telephone calls are costly. by offering them free, they intend to acquire a critical mass of consumers that will help them bargain heavily with advertisers.

Video/image based marketing will present the next set of Challenges

Machine, deep learning and the internet of moving things will be the buzzwords for 2017. Video/images marketing will take centre-stage and their eventual monetization will be the next challenge. Acquisition of Mood stock and EyeFluence indicates a step in that direction. With YouTube, struggling to monetize quickly, despite high footfalls, this area needs greater attention.

Optimization for user intent

This will be the focus of all search endeavor in 2017 and beyond. Even if it means bringing in artificial intelligence based algorithms for entity, predictive and personalized search.

Responsive, adaptive, retina ready websites to rule the world

in a device-agnostic world, you need to create web properties that render effectively on all devices and platforms. And these changes need to be incorporated, even if you have two hundred websites.

Tabbed content may not fetch you high rankings

In a mobile-first world, removing all tabs in the product description page makes sense.

Screaming Frog plug-in will be used more often

This plug-in helps you to fetch and render crawled pages via google search console. You can set the screaming frog plugin to emulate the Google smartphone crawler. this plug—in also alerts users to any blocked resources that can impede the correct rendering of your pages.

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