The Complete Guide For Urban Fashion Loving Working Women

The cultures of MNCs, onsite opportunities, dealing with foreign clients and customers, globalization and westernization have all contributed to the change in Indian fashion fiesta. Gone are the days when women would even hesitate to step out of the four walls leave alone being the substitute breadwinner of the family. But today the scenario is such that Indian women follow the rules of fashion for work and other wise. They do not hesitate to wear a funky dress for the party and formal suits to work.

Women in India are surely getting conscious about the right dress code for the right occasion and place. Amidst this entire western gimmick there is still a fair population of the female workforce in India who prefer Indian attire for work. It might be a personal choice, office rules, family bondage, feeling safe or just a matter of a day’s selection to go the Indian way. Whatever be the reason you just cannot afford to neglect the fashion police, can you? Let me share some quick tips to hip the Indian fashion at workplace:

  1. First of all make your choice on the type of Indian clothing.
  • SareeChoose to wear saree only on special occasions in your office or else you might end up looking very dressy for a casual day.
  • Salwar– Kameez- Very Indian, very decent and very safe, this is one bet you must definitely try at least on some days of a month.
  • Kurtis– If you want to get your hands free off that pallu and dupatta then simple kurtas are just perfect for your hazel free day at the office. Pair it with leggings (which is leaving the fashion forum shortly!) or a Patiala salwar (which is here to stay and give you the tag of being trendy!) and you are done.
  • Patiala pants– If you want to pep-up a little and would go bold and show your curves then the pant style Patiala salwar are your good friends. This is relatively new to the trending fashion list and can give you a more young at heart feeling. But this can be a bad choice if your boss hates girls messing with the natural nature of men (you know what I mean)! Pair it with short kurta (length, just below your naval) rather than a t-shirt and you are all ready with Indian style pant-shirt!

2. Sticking to just one type of fashion on a daily basis can be boring for you as well as your colleagues and peers. Try and spice up your look with:

  • The color block concept, small and pretty prints, etc.
  • Vary your accessories; leather bags, cloth bags (keep the Indian ethnic style to the minimum, stay away from bags with embroidery,  silky cloth bags), Indian style shoes, good pair of decent earrings, a simple bracelet or a bangle, will add up to your styling with Indian attire for the office.

Just one rule to follow, when it comes to office wear be it Indian or Western, less is more. Especially when you decide to dress up in Indian dresses be sure to choose something that does not give the feeling of made up doll for a party. No heavy work, no glittery ensembles and no eye pecking bold colors that’s it. Why, because going simple and elegant to the office should be your motto. Let’s try and turn heads in an evening office party! Be professional and look professional & let us know your peer’s reaction.

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