Tape in hair extensions: A solution for voluminous hair

A lot of women suffer from thin hair and would prefer to have a head full of voluminous hair. Most of them do not know the solution to it. Well, the solution to it is using Hair extensions. There is a reputation among people that using hair extensions will damage their hair, is high in maintenance, and will destroy the quality of their hair. People also believe that those hair extensions are for people who are ultra-rich and frequent the red carpet. But, it is not the thing. Hair extensions are quite easy to maintain and look very good on them. Tape-in Hair extensions are a good option for that. Let us know more in detail about this hair extension. 

Tape-in hair extensions

Tape in hair extensions

People having thin hair are not comfortable, and they would love to have a head full of voluminous and lustrous hair. And if you want to experiment with different hairstyles, then hair extensions are of utmost importance. Your hairstyle options become with the help of hair extensions. Hair extensions make you feel flawless. There are different types of extensions like sewn-in extensions, clip-in extensions for one night. But, today we will be talking about the Tape-in hair extension, a happy medium of hair extension. Tape-in hair extension gives you a thick and voluminous natural look. You don’t need to commit to them for the long-term and can cost anywhere from $200 to $800. There are a lot of benefits to using tape-in hair extensions. A lot of famous hairstylists also prefer using tape-in hair extensions for their clients and they have given very good reviews about the hair extensions. The benefits of tape-in hair extensions are as follows

  • They don’t look fake
  • Using them is not time-consuming
  • They are easy to use and do not cause damage

They don’t look fake

Tape-in extensions look like your natural hair and do not look fake. These extensions stick very well below the layers of your natural hair and blend with them really well. You can wear the extension and completely forget that you are wearing a hair extension. But, you should also remember that all hair extensions are not made of the same hair quality as yours. So, it is very important to match the hair extensions’ quality, color, and thickness with your hair and then put them on. Otherwise, they may look odd. Also, when you are looking for tape-in hair extensions, look for 100 percent human hair extensions as it will have the same type of cuticles and you can curl them and straighten them just as you do with your natural hair. The Hairstylist Rodney Cutler of Cutler Salon is a huge fan of tape-in hair extensions and says that they have a lot of benefits. 

Using them is not time-consuming

The extension hair is bonded to an adhesive tape just like a sticker. The stylist peels off the sticker and then apply these in between the layers of natural hair. This seems very easy to do it yourself. But, it is better that you get it done by a stylist for a better look. And this takes an hour and a half at the max for a full head of hair. 

The removal of these hair extensions is way much faster than the application. The stylist drenches the tape in a solute that loosens the adhesive and then gently removes the extensions. Then all you need to do is shampoo your hair a couple of times to remove the solution. But, you should beware of solutes that contain acetone or alcohol, as those can be harsh on your hair and difficult to remove if dried. So, be careful while choosing hair extension and choose the once that do not require these alcohol-based solutes.

They are easy to use and do not cause any damage

Once these hair extensions are on your head, they are very easy to manage. You can wash them, curl, straighten, or do any style that you want to do. The only thing that you need to be careful about is these extensions are very loose when wet. Just like your natural hair. As a result of which, you need to gently blow dry your hair, and then comb them gently to remove any tugs from the hair extensions and then style them. You can always wear them into a loose braid before going to bed. This will prevent any kind of damage to your hair extensions. Tape-in extensions are really safe and they do not cause any danger to your natural hair. Only the condition being that they should be applied correctly. 

Cons of using tape-in hair extensions

First, we have discussed the pros of using tape-in hair extensions. But, now let us discuss the cons of using the tape-in hair extensions. It is not that rosy as it seems to be. Along with roses you also get thorns. In the same way along with the pros of tape-in hair extensions, there are also a few cons of using them. These cons are as follows

Tape-in Hair extensions should be installed correctly

Using the Tape-in hair extensions is not a DIY project that you can do it at home. You have to get them done by a properly trained hairstylist. Because, if these extensions are not done properly then they have the tendency to fall off very soon, and that will be a very embarrassing moment for you. Just remember that there are many details that only a professional can keep in mind and do it perfectly.

The expense of tape-in hair extension

Looking at the pros of tape-in extensions we all might feel that they are really cheap to buy. But, you should also consider that you need the help of a professional hairstylist to put them on and take them out. This additional expense makes them really expensive for some people. Also, the prize of the tape-in extension depends on the number of packets that you need for your full head. For which you may end up spending a lot more money in total. 

Requires maintenance

The tape-in extensions require a certain amount of maintenance. If left unmaintained these extensions will  get entangled with your hair and eventually fall off. Also, when you are wearing these extensions you have to make sure that you use only sulfate free shampoos and hair conditioners and you should not use any sprays or hair care product directly on the tapes. Some people might find all of this annoying.

So, these are the pros and cons of using tape-in hair extensions. If you know of something else please enlighten us in the comments section below.

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