Tips to Build Your Career around Microsoft SharePoint

The first thing that you should do when you are trying to build your career around Microsoft SharePoint is known who you are and what your areas of knowledge are. This is why when you are attempting to go the SharePoint development way you need to perform a proper assessment of your skills, capabilities, knowledge, and career goals. You need to understand the kind of work experience that you have and the type of work that you would want to do. You should also have a clear idea of the things that you are good at.  You also need to know if you like working directly with people.

Mapping The Desired Direction

Tips to Build Your Career around Microsoft SharePoint 1It is on the basis of the first step that you need to take the next few steps. You might want to work in one of the SharePoint consulting companies but you need to be planning the entire thing properly. You need to know what steps have to be taken in order to achieve the goal that you have at present. It may be that you wish to follow a path that is more technical. You might want to work in SharePoint administration, develop apps using SharePoint, or become a SharePoint architect.

Getting The Basic And Complementary Skills

No matter what you wish to do it is required at the very least that you know the ways to use SharePoint. This is why you need to get some training on the basic aspects of this software. The present version of SharePoint is SharePoint 2016. However, if your customers do not upgrade themselves then it is likely that you would be working with SharePoint 2013. If you looked up YouTube you would find several introductory courses and that too for free. However, it is always better that you check out the end user video training course for SharePoint 2013.

Acquiring Experience

Tips to Build Your Career around Microsoft SharePoint 2Even as you are getting trained in various aspects of SharePoint it is always important to get some work experience that would be able to complement the skills that you already have. If your organization is already using this technology then it is only better. You can always share your career goals with your superiors such as the supervisor. You may also get in touch with people on the SharePoint team and ask them if they have any opportunity for someone like you to work with them. This will help you build the kind of experience that you need.

Go After Formal Certifications

Once your career situation is proper you would automatically be in a position to take up formal certifications that will bolster your case further as a budding professional in this domain. Recently, Microsoft has done away with certifications specific to SharePoint in favor of ones that cover greater functional areas. As an example, Microsoft Certified Solution Expert (MCSE): Productivity has replaced MCSE: SharePoint. If you wish to go the administration, management, or architecture way then MCSE: Productivity is what you are looking for. In order to pursue this, you should have a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification.