Effective strategies for managing your travel blog site while traveling

One of the questions that ardent travel bloggers often ask is how to manage their travel blog when they are traveling on the road. While traveling, it can be a seriously overwhelming task to write all the travel blogs and maintain a strong presence in the social media. Not only it is necessary as a travel blogger to publish quality content while on the road, but you will also need to edit photos and videos as you try to explore a new place. However, even though it seems that maintaining such blogs can take up all of your time and leave you with little opportunity to explore a site, the good thing is that it can be done with a little effort. It is necessary to maintain the travel blog regularly because unless new blogs are posted at regular intervals, it can dramatically reduce traffic to your blog site and you are going to lose money. On the other hand, there is no point coming to a place and staying glued all the time to the computer as you won’t be really able to enjoy all the experiences that the new site has to offer. Therefore it is necessary to organize time efficiently so that both these tasks can be managed.

Write content way ahead of time

Before you set out on a trip, allocate a few days in advance for writing blog posts and editing photos so that you have enough material to post. It is always good to have a content plan in advance as that will help you to come up with creative content all the time. You can draw from your past travels and come up with some good photo stories, tips articles and advice pieces that are going to keep the content fresh and interesting. This is also going to offer you ample time to come up with new stories for your travel blog. You can use the first few weeks of your travel to compile interesting stories. It is always a good thing to know that as a blogger you do not always have to come up with blogs and artists from your current travels. You can always take your time out, get into the mood, do your research properly and look for interesting stories before you write about them. It is never a good idea to put pressure on yourself since this only makes travel stressful and tiring while travel should always be fun.

Effective strategies for managing your travel blog site while traveling 1

Make use of effective scheduling

When you become a dedicated travel blogger, it is necessary that you follow a timetable so that you get to achieve the maximum output for your blog even if you are traveling for most of the days in a year. Dedicated travelers often travel for more than 250 days in a year and they frequently need to take care of various agendas. Even then, they regularly post on social media, publish new posts and edit videos. This is something that you can do as well, only if you follow a schedule and stick to it. You need to learn how to automate Social media and scheduling tools for social media.

Staying ahead of the game is necessary if you are looking to travel for most part of the year. You can write your travel posts with a 2 week window. A good way to do so would be to write posts from your previous travels as you get ready for your current travels. In that way, you won’t have to scramble for content every single night as you are traveling on the road. This leaves you with plenty of time to relax and enjoy your trip. It also saves you from being stressed about your work when all you want is to relax, unwind and explore the areas that you intend to visit. Having a 2 week buffer is great as it allows you to craft your traveling stories at your own pace. Once the trip ends, you can get down to work and write down another 2 weeks of blogs and articles. If you are going for a long trip and you do not have much time to write for about a month, you can post new blogs in every couple of days and stay ahead as you have a 2 week buffer to rely on.

Just like with writing the blog posts, scheduling will also help you to take care of social media as well as Digital Marketing. Curate the content to publish well ahead of time and strategically schedule upcoming articles to get published on social media sites for the next 2 weeks. You can also do the same with content created by other people as that saves you from having any down time. This helps you to make sure that the content will be posted in time even if you do not have immediate access to phone data or internet. Similarly, when you do have access to internet, you can use the valuable time to interact with your users as well as share and post content in real time. In other words, having scheduled and real-time content always at hand makes it possible for you to create a dynamic impression in the social media. While you can communicate with your users in real time, it always helps if you schedule all shared content and posts well ahead in time. In this way, you can easily manage your FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Decide in advance how frequently you intend to post content

As a travel blogger, you should decide in advance how frequently you want to publish content and always stick to that pre-decided schedule. Your readers are going to come back regularly if they know when they can expect new content. If you post some articles this week and then have nothing to post for the next few weeks, your target audience will easily forget about you. Therefore it is better if you post once in a week on a consistent basis instead of having multiple posts in a week and then have nothing for the next few weeks. It is necessary that you decide in advance the level of pressure that you can handle and then stick to it. You will then have an ardent group of followers who will know when can they expect new content and come back regularly for new materials.

Take Notes

While traveling, it is important that you take notes as it will help you to come up with effective content when you start writing later. While some people use a journal for taking down notes, others record their ideas and thoughts on their phones. They also write down notes on their phones that they can use later. The more ready information you have, the easier it’s going to be for you to transport yourself back into the moment and create a flawless piece of content about the experience. If you do not take notes while traveling, you will be forced to write from your memory. This is eventually going to make you forget much about your personal feelings, thoughts and anecdotes. You will also find yourself wasting plenty of time looking for facts. This will naturally make your content lose its authenticity and natural appeal. Whether you use a separate travel journal, simply scribble on papers or use a smartphone, it always helps to have notes as you start writing your piece later on. Using a phone to take notes simply saves you from carrying additional gear. However, make sure that you tell your friends that you are taking notes so that they do not think that you are ignoring them or chatting with your friends.

Set aside some time to organize, create and write drafts

While it is not necessary for you to spend every night in your hotel room as you are traveling in a new location, it is important that you save some every week to work on your notes and blogs. You do not have to spend every night in the bar or restaurant as you travel from one place to another. Instead, you can get back to your hotel and work on your notes, articles, story ideas and articles titles as well as edit your photos and videos. When you stay organized at all times, it becomes easier for you to draft your blog posts. Once you get the video and photo content ready, you can make use of tools to format the posts easily with little time. As you have all your thoughts processed and notes organized, you can write down the blogs quite easily and make sure that they are of high quality.

Once you start writing down the draft posts for the blogs, you can have numerous drafts to work on that can enhance the quality of your work. You can refine and edit your drafts and come up with new blogs and articles that are of pristine quality. These half written posts make it easier for you to publish new work. It is a common knowledge that good posts always need a few edits. Working in this way provides you with the time that you need to slowly develop a single post, make sure that it is of the best quality and still publish it on time.

Have a portable hotspot always by your side

It is always better to carry a portable hotspot with you when you are traveling from one place to another. This is much better than having data on your cell phone. A portable hotspot will save you the worry about whether your hotel has Wi-Fi or not. You can also get your work done whether you are traveling by a train or bus. Having an active internet connection with you at all times naturally makes it a lot easier to work on your blogs and enhance your productivity at any given time.

Real time social media presence

While you do not need to post your articles and blogs in real time, it is necessary that you share your travel stories in real time through various social media channels. This helps to keep your followers informed about your brand at all times. It is necessary to keep your social media postings consistent as you do with your blog posts. Unless you keep posting regularly on the social media, you will soon fall off people’s radar. Due to this reason, it is necessary that you keep regular FaceBook updates, tweets and Instagram shares go out to your followers. This helps you to always stay on news and get your blogs and articles read as you publish new ones. Do not just create social media posts when you have nice content to share. Instead post updates and photos from your travels at all times and also share content and articles created by other people as well.

Guest contributors

If you have hectic travel schedules to catch up to, you will hardly have enough time to write articles and create blogs. In such instances, guest posts can be quite handy for you. You can collect inspirational stories from guest contributors that you can post in your site. Your fellow travel writers can come up with high quality content that you can share with your readers. This is going to help you to maintain traffic rates of your sites even when you are not being able to post original content that you have created by yourself. By allowing other people to promote your posts on the social media channels, you can enjoy the same level of exposure as before.

Hire other people to help you with your blogs

Being a full time blogger means that you will have your hands full on many occasions. In moments such as these, it always helps to have someone take care of your work while you focus on certain other areas of your projects. For instance, you might want to focus full time on your blogs while have a social media assistant to schedule and curate content for you. A professional social media assistant can schedule out blog posts, photos, articles and quotes and provide you with the much needed mental peace to take care of other work. There are Reasons to Consider PPC Advertising while you are traveling in order to martian traffic on your blog.

While you can communicate directly with your followers on social media, you can ask your assistant to take care of the content that is published in various social media websites. Not only this improves the overall quality of the work but it also provides you with the mental peace that you will need when you want to be productive to the fullest degree. Likewise, you can also have a team of professionals design the look and feel of your social media profiles and create videos and images that are apt for your blog posts.

You can hire experts to optimize your blog and also decide on the look of your landing page. You can also get some people to make trips for you and create content that you can publish in your site. As an entrepreneur, one of the things that you will need to learn is how best you can manage your resources and in what ways you can delegate. It always helps to have great people skills as this can help you to get in touch with people who can work for you.

Effective strategies for managing your travel blog site while traveling 2


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