Jewelry Stores Digital Marketing Guidelines & Goals

If there is a field that especially shines in digital marketing, it has to be jewelry, because it encompasses all types of people, regardless of their age, tastes or location.

When we talk about digital marketing for jewelry, we must first analyze the conversion goals that the customer, in this case, jewelry, wants for their online strategy.

Online commerce? Prestige? Visibility? Loyalty? Analyzing the objectives, we can trace the path and develop a Digital Marketing Plan for 360º jewelers that include adjusted development phases, in the short, medium, and long term.

Jewelry Stores Digital Marketing Guidelines

1. Originality & Personalization

The diversity of the product allows us to stand out and specialize in an area or sector with a future in the online field.

What jewelry is sold on the Internet? The original jewelry or customizable jewelry supports better marketing campaigns because the different and exclusive have their best business on the Internet.

Personalized jewelry with an image or shape, handmade jewelry with affordable prices, or, for example, jewelry made with less traditional components will allow us to launch Facebook Ads or Google Ads campaigns that better impact our target or audience.

2. Analysis Of The Demand

As we have already indicated, the jewelry sector is highly subject to the commercial marketing calendar. Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Father’s Day … Depending on the date indicated we must launch landing pages or landing pages that have the perfect elements to direct the conversion into sales or customers.

With a clear message, original and quality content, illustrated with an attractive image, we will be able to create qualified leads who share the content, increasing our reach and direct sales, in the case of e-commerce web pages.

The seasonality of purchases has to be planned with an annual calendar. What dates are most important to launch your promotions or social media posts? We cannot leave the campaign for the last moment, because its design, it’s writing, and its dissemination is an aspect that should start at least two months in advance.

In the case of exclusive jewelry or engagement jewelry, our main campaign should focus on two great seasons: Valentine’s Day and the wedding season.

By analyzing the audience we want to address, we can develop a message that is persuasive, according to what we call copywriting strategies.

Convincing takes his technique, and it is not enough to launch the typical proclamations that can be seen in many shop windows. The consumer, in general, is increasingly demanding and in the digital field, the demand reaches higher levels because the user is as easy to leave as moving his finger slightly in a click.

In addition to analyzing the most significant dates, in the case of wedding jewelry, we must persuade with our eyes. In engagement jewelry design is a key factor, because it is difficult for the bride and groom to choose to buy their wedding or engagement rings online, but they will decide to go to certain jewelry according to the quality of work that they can see through their website or their social networks.

The local SEO in jewelry starts with a good digital presence , both on your website, as your posts on social networks.

3. Clarity & Transparency

In online commerce, transparency allows the cart to be routed to the checkout counter. If the user has doubts, no matter how small, they will choose to go and find another alternative that they will not miss on the Internet.

How can we clarify all these doubts? Managing the “pain” or “pain” in our buyer persona will determine the success of the purchase. Although the term “pain” may seem inappropriate, in reality, we call this any need or concern that the buyer person has, and that can be solved with our product or service.

For the management of «pain» in jewelry stores, we must follow these guidelines:

  • Always visible contact form: they must know that they can contact you.
  • Possibility of live chat: a chatbot allows us to manage your doubts at the moment. This option should only be considered if we are going to have a rapid response capacity, otherwise, it may be counterproductive.
  • Product features always visible. There should be no doubts regarding the composition, size (size guide), and customization options.
  • How to buy information visible in the menu of your website. We are not talking about the return policy, which is mandatory if we sell online. The information on how to buy is a guide, where we clarify the FAQ or frequent doubts of our user. We can add shipping information, delivery time, or steps for the return of the product, but this information must also be added in another section of the purchase or return policy, which appears in the legal area, along with other notices such as cookies or the data privacy policy.
  • Ratings and positive comments embedded directly on your website. In relationship marketing, opinions are the basis of our word of mouth marketing, in this case, from user to user. Encourage positive evaluations with an email marketing campaign and add those opinions or reviews from Facebook or Google directly to your website.
  • Physical location data, telephone, mobile, and even WhatsApp. The user must know that there is a physical place where they can if they wish, go.
  • Clear, phased, direct, and user-friendly purchasing process. Too long or too confusing a checkout process will lead to the dreaded cart abandonment.
  • Your social networks always updated. If you do not keep social networks up to date, you will be giving the user the impression of carelessness, carelessness or directly you will be sowing the doubt of your existence, as a serious and solvent company. Having social networks that are permanently updated is an added value in managing that pain or uncertainty of your buyer persona.

4. Security & Logistics

If our digital marketing for jewelry centers its main axis on an e-commerce website or what would be the same, a website focused on conversion into sales, we must understand that the price must be directly related to safety.

The usual thing in these cases is to analyze the various options of transport logistics companies, to reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties.

The possibility of offering different shipping options will manage the user’s uneasiness in the electronic purchase process. Opting for logistics companies with recognized prestige will generate more confidence and this will have an impact on more and better sales.

5. Security & Payment Methods

If in the previous point we related security and logistics, at this point we are going to explain that security and trust must also be shown with various options of payment methods.

Secure payment by Pay-Pal is a good alternative, but we must also offer payment by card and the option of cash on delivery, which in cases of jewelry with higher prices allow increasing the sales ratio significantly.

Once we have analyzed the 5 key points in a correct digital marketing strategy for jewelry stores, we are going to focus our efforts on these 5 fundamental pillars. They will set us a good digital marketing strategy for jewelers and will make our website an axis of good online business planning.

Jewelry Stores Goals In Digital Marketing

1. SEO On-Page Positioning In Jewelry Stores

Investing in good SEO On-Page positioning means saving money on paid SEM positioning. If we generate content of value for the user, Google will reward us with better positioning or what is the same, more visibility in search results.

To obtain good results in SEO On-Page positioning, we must plan a content marketing calendar, associated with that Marketing Calendar or the Community Manager of each year.

We will select the most appropriate Long Tail keywords for each date of the year. In addition, if we stand out in some type of more select, exclusive, or different jewelry, we will focus our efforts on those niche keywords, because they will obtain better results, by not competing with the more general jewelers.

For example, keywords like “personalized baby footprint jewelry”, “cat footprint pendants” “personalized baby jewelry” can be good Long Tails if we want a different product.

Analyze what you can contribute to the huge online jewelry market that other companies cannot do and you will get that digital business niche.

The entire structure of the website must follow the SEO On-Page optimization parameters. From the corporate content area to the blog where we will upload the content marketing and of course the online store, with the categorization that includes general keywords and within, more specific ones, aimed at converting into leads or contacts.

2. Digital Marketing Campaigns

First of all, make a marketing calendar with the most important dates of the year. Once you have it, you should plan at least one landing page for each designated date.

A landing page is a space on your website focused on a specific campaign. If it is Mother’s Day, we will create valuable content on a landing page where inside we will provide interesting data and link those products that we want to promote.

For example: «10 original ideas for Mother’s Day» «10 special jewels for Mother’s Day» Listings are a way to attract attention because we are telling the user that the content is structured and will not cost much reading it.

3. Create Community On Social Networks

If you create a community among your clients, you will get them to give you the degree of realism that you are looking for in the promotion of your jewelry. If they marry your creations, get them to show them on their social networks.

You can share that content, so that other users see the work you do, being convinced of your purchase. These types of strategies obey Inbound Marketing parameters, which seek that the user goes from lead (the user who leaves their data) to the customer (the user who makes a purchase)

How to create community on social networks

To create a community, you must know the type of client you have, taking into account the type of product that specializes you. Creating community is a slow process, in the medium and long term, which implies dedication time.

The first thing you should do to create a community on social networks is to keep them constantly updated.

Follow these guidelines to create community on the social networks of your jewelry:

  1. Schedule and plan your publications on social networks. What days and what content should you share? Always look for the 80/20 rule and share the most important days of the annual marketing calendar.
  2. Create dynamic publications (80% of our “social” use is for entertainment) Visual games, questions to your followers, emotional publications … Use various multimedia formats.
  3. Look for interaction through your products and contests. Who would you give this jewel to? Mention a friend, follow us, and participate.
  4. Connect your networks with your regular customer, it will be your first step in the community. If you can establish a personal bond with a client, you should never let go.
  5. Take care of the aesthetics and design in your publications on social networks. You sell beauty, don’t forget it. Your publications must have a careful brand image and an aesthetic of the sector.

Encourage your customer reviews or reviews

You can also promote positive evaluations without generating a community, through direct communication with the client or loyalty campaigns (gifts, exclusive promotions …)

Get in the habit of asking for a review or rating when they buy from you. Sometimes it is as simple as suggesting your client rate you on Facebook or Google My Business. If they liked the service and the product, they usually respond.

Add a thank you card to each order and invite them to rate, through a QR code, so they can easily scan and access the Reviews section of your fan page.

As you can see, in the field of digital marketing for jewelry there is a long journey, which goes from the creation and dedication of your corporate website or online e-commerce sales to the management of your social networks.

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