11 Gmail tools to save your Digital Time

Well, it is correctly said that an email can make or break an opportunity for you! If you are still muddled up in checking your Gmail again and again and are losing track of the important ones, you need to get these Smart Gmail Tools handy to make your Gmail experience delightful! Every tool mentioned here has its unique purpose.

11 Gmail tools to save your Digital Time 1

These tools altogether will help you to be smart by- Decluttering your mailbox, scheduling your emails, unsubscribing you from unwanted emails and services, tracking emails and finding whether or not your email was opened. Another important feature it has is, it helps you and the recipients to set reminders to reply to a mail.

It also helps each other to create a group, write short notes, exchange email contacts, share Gmail templates. It will also act as your life savior by not letting you miss any emails from the person u select to. You will be notified about their emails. Along with all these, it will also help you to know a company’s latest details and whereabouts right before a meeting.

Let’s have a look on these Gmail tools with some deeper and exact details of it’s usage.

1) Boomerang: An easy tool that acts as your scheduler.

Boomerang helps one to schedule messages and is added as an extension. One can compose messages and click on ‘Send Later’, that’s it. One of the best thing about this tool is you need to define exact time, just select “tomorrow morning” and it will be scheduled for next day morning. The best part of this online tool is that it sends emails even if a person’s computer is in sleep mode or turned off. It can hide messages until the time one wants to read them. One can also schedule the time he wants these messages to be returned at the top of the inbox, eg. If you want to watch upcoming movie Robot 2.0 just schedule it a day before it’s release and book the movie ticket online . One has the choice to hide emails in different folders: starred, sent, archived, etc. One of the best tool you can use it for team communication, follow-up.

2) Unroll.me: A tool to unclutter the mailbox

Opening up the mailbox introduces us to a number of emails which we feel we shouldn’t have subscribed. Thanks to unroll.me, the problem of a cluttered mailbox is solved. This tool helps an individual to unsubscribe from all the undesirable emails in one go. A person can decide which emails not to receive by spending 30 minutes and keep the ones he needs. There are also some emails which a person don’t want to get rid of but wants to read sometime later. The Rollup feature combines these emails in a single mail. Moreover, this tool does not need an access to one’s password. Hence, security uncompromised.

3) Followupthen: Any device, any mail setup

FollowUpThen is a reminder tool which ensures that one doesn’t miss to respond to any mail. Also, it sends constant reminders to the recipients, in case they could not reply. One can set a snooze time for any mail so that it can be hidden from the mailbox until the time not required. Upgrading or downgrading of the plan is allowed. It works for any sort of mailbox and one can also link inboxes. Innumerable reminders can be sent, free of cost. If someone wants to get a reminder after 5 minutes, he should just send the mail to email [email protected]

4) Hubspot Sales Free: A tool to shoot up your sales

This is a tool specially designed for the companies/individuals that work in sales. The sender of the email gets a notification when the receiver opens the mail. It is easy to use for email tracking; just click on a button next to the ‘Compose’ icon in Gmail. One can get a track of emails in an interaction that is opened and the ones unopened. This help businesses to connect to the prospect clients at the right time and help you to follow with him/her with better insights.

5) Sortd: A smart way to get your life ‘sorted’

This Gmail tool is a boon for people who run short of time and like their mailboxes to not hide their important emails. It comes in form of a Google extension. The tool sorts the mail into four columns: ‘Inbox’, ‘To Do’, ‘Follow Up’ and ‘Deals’, very similar Google is doing nowadays. One doesn’t need to start the important and urgent emails. Instead, they can be put in the column they belong to, in one go. Just, drag and drop and boom, your productivity will be on the top.

6) Hiver: The WhatsApp of Emails

A little similar to WhatsApp, Hiver allows a person to send their mail contact to another person. One can also create contact groups and share. Write short notes on Emails, set reminders, snooze timers or share Gmail templates. Also, get separate notifications for the ‘To Do List.’ One of the prominent features is that one doesn’t need to forward an Email, just add a contact label and it is sent. If you are using tools like Office 365, Exchange Online you should check Azure Platform Consulting for better performance.

7) Mailbird: The best-linked inbox

Mailbird is a desktop email client and helps you to link inboxes without causing the system to work slow or crash, which is the case with other linked inboxes. With a good Google calendar integration and company contacts, this is a very secure platform for emails and does not access one’s emails or passwords. It also provides an option to add notes and Google Tasks. With mailbird, one gets the unsubscribe button beside the contact Email to get rid of unwanted emails easily and very fast. With a great codebase, light edition, and excellent user interface, the tool is a delight to use for better productivity.  

8) The Email Game: The gaming world in your mailbox

This tool has an inbuilt typometer which fetches a person some points when he works on his mails in the shortest time. One has an option of sending emails later, Boomerang (point 1) and skip the mail, too. One can also pause the time if it is required, but it is better to let the excitement develop and do the mails quickly to save time. One won’t get distracted by irritating advertisements or perturbed by a ping message in the Google chat. It is an entirely different site that seeks access from Gmail to process the email. What more? The timer sets different times for different mails by evaluating the length.

9) Find Big Mail: A space saver that can save your inbox’s life

Find Big Mail comes in the form of an extension. It is a tool that saves the Gmail space by scanning the inbox. Companies like DataZapp who is into database selling, are sending bulk files to many customers, this tool will help to clear half the space of inbox using this magical tool. Easily inspect the 20 heaviest emails and check if one needs them if they are very important to do take backup and delete it. It is fast and light. The tool clears space in a mailbox where even the sent or trash boxes are empty. What more? It is free of cost, but one can opt for donating as per the experience while using the tool.

10) Charlie App: Your last moment preparation for an important meeting

Remember those exam days where we used to read between the lines, a couple of moments before the exams? Well, Charlie App serves the same purpose, but for one’s business meetings. This amazing app connects with Gmail ID and pools in data from Google to help one research about the client or the firm he has a meeting with. From company’s latest happenings to its Twitter updates, the scan gets all the information in the mailbox. However, the meeting details must enclose a person’s contact details and meeting time, so that information can be collated and produced at the correct time. Industries like a Digital Marketing Agency, this tool help us to get more insights for last minute meetings and of Course for more meaningful meetings.

11) Away Find: A tool which acts as your SOS

Away Find follows a unique procedure of linking to the mailbox and never letting any important email go unread. The tool does this by a sorted mechanism. One does not need to stick to the inbox. A person can mark an email from a client by using the Away Find plugin. Then, any other mail from that person would be notified to him by a phone call or an SMS (based on what he chooses.) One can also set a time duration till which one wishes to receive the notifications for those important mails. This way, the tool ensures that not a single update in any mail, like a business meeting or a change in project deadline, goes unattended.

This was a list of tools to clean your mailbox to save you plenty of time and energy which are very necessary to save these days. This list of tools will clean your mailbox to save you plenty of time and energy which are very necessary to save these days. Incorporate these tools and say hello to successful digital life. Which tools are you using for keeping your digital life sorted, simple and non-clumsy? You can leave your opinions/views/suggestions in the comment below. Also if you are already using any of these tools do share your experience with us.If you find pleasure in reading this post and found this post helpful in any way feel free to share it with others.

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