Fashion that goes great with your pregnancy curves

Your body goes through a lot of changes during the phase of pregnancy and to maintain a great and chic look during pregnancy is very difficult. Your dressing during pregnancy should not only be the chick, it should also be comfortable. Remember, your body keeps on changing during the entire nine months of pregnancy and you need to make smart changes in your clothes and fashion that befits you. Here through fashion that goes great with your pregnancy curves, we try to discuss certain ways that you can dress during your three trimesters of pregnancy.

First trimester

During the first trimester, you may still be under the dilemma of disclosing your pregnancy only to your very close ones and not to all. Also, you might not be ready for maternity wear. You also do not want to look like you have just put on a few pounds and gained weight without any cute baby bump. Well, there are a few solutions for that.

First of all, you should put aside all the clothes that are little too tight. You should stick with the following clothes. Silhouettes flow over belly hips and thighs and can hide the few pounds that you have gained. You can also wear soft knits, A-line skirts, wraps shirts and dresses, empire waisted tops and frocks and blouson style top.

Belly bands are one of the great things to have in your wardrobe. You can place this belly bands on the waistline of your jeans that do not fit. The jeans will remain in place and no one will notice it that the jeans are unbuttoned.

Second trimester

By the time you enter the second trimester you will definitely know that your size is growing and changing every month. You also do not want to overthrow the budget for your clothes. Here are a few things you need to do

Busting out

Your breast size is consistently growing and you may feel busted out. You may want to buy some great bigger size bras. You may go for the bigger size of your favorite brand of bra. You can also go for cheap bra extenders that are available at most of the lingerie stores.

Work to weekend dress

Wrap dresses are a perfect work to weekend dress that fits your curves and makes you comfortable.

Dark maternity bootcut jeans are perfect to go with the wrap dress.

Third trimester

By now you will be huge and will be overgrowing all the clothes that you have. All these dresses will also be a torture as you carry a huge ball of weight inside you. At this time and empire-waisted maxi dress, an ankle length flowing knit dress is a perfect fit. A tunic in a comfy knit fabric is also good to go.

You can pair all these with maternity leggings. You will feel stylish and comfortable.

You can always add fashion to your look by wearing bold accessories.