Demographic Data Append Every Marketer Should Use but How?

Demographic data is a statistical data which describes the certain characteristics of the population like age, sex, income group etc. At the time of assembles data by census about people’s age and sex, it is a proper example of assembling data about demographic. Most of the company believe on demographic data append service before starting any campaign.

It is very easy as well as essential to add demographic data to the marketing campaigns. It has been seen in both the email marketing and digital marketing. For an instance, if anyone into online market business and the product is for the young aged mother, then your advertisement campaign criteria need a data set of twenty to thirty years old, female, single or married, their income group and much more.

Demographic Data Append Every Marketer Should Use but How? 1

Benefits of Demographic Appending:

  • You can contact with the users on a personal level
  • Users will recognize your brand
  • Do up selling and repeat the business
  • WOM increase
  • You will stand uniquely in the crowd

Different types of demographic profile:

In marketing industry append services is often used. Many times either the data is incomplete or they do not have that much of value. There can be many reasons behind that. The time of data collection may be haphazard, irrelevant queries during data collection, incomplete data etc. Appending service adds a crucial field with the incomplete data. It improves widely the size of each data. It is the basic email marketing. Each and every business has its own target audience and demands.Through demographic appending is the one can enhance the email marketing. Mailing list of demographic append that maximises the value of direct marketing:

Age: The service providers of demographic data append services are capable enough to segment the customer data on basis of age group. The most common use age groups are 18 to 19, 25 to 34, 35 to 44, 45 to 54, 55 to 64, 65 or more than that and unknown. Below eighteen is considered a minor and the law of email marketing doesn’t allow this group.

Gender: Sex or gender is the important factor in online marketing nowadays. Many products are there which is specifically for a specific gender. The common gender group is female, male and unknown. If any contact doesn’t have a specific contact number that can consider as unknown this can be solved with some good market research. A well-trained append service providers will help you in that.

Company information (B2B)

Company information is very important for a business to business appending. In the time of marketing, you need to understand the company and employees. Business to business sale process takes time, effort and research also. Many stakeholders are involved in that and you should get to know all of them. Demographic data will provide you a better targeting job. Those are company, industry, job function, job title, location, job seniority, company size, and country etc.

Language: Language is one of the important selling points in many countries. English is considered as popular languages and uses worldwide. But in many countries, English is not a primary language. So it is important to append based on language preference otherwise your message can lose translation.

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