5+ Tips To Boost Your Magento Store Sales

What is a business without its Customers?  Nothing.

Every business be it a physical store or an eCommerce store, strives for success. Talking about eCommerce stores, the Magento is becoming quite popular among the website owners due to its latest and amazing features. The success of an eCommerce store is determined by the number of customers served and generated. 

Bringing in customers and improving sales is one of the most challenging tasks ever. Here, one has to think of several points, such as Ongoing trends, Customer Behaviour, and Customer Expectations. This task becomes even tougher when performed on the eCommerce store. The reason is a lack of human interaction, but you can opt for the Magento eCommerce store that will take all your woes away.

Hiring Magento development company is also an effective way to boost the sale of your Magento eCommerce store. They are capable enough to understand the needs of your eCommerce store and design or update them in a way to attract more customers and retain the existing ones.

There are instances where eCommerce store owners don’t wish to take professional help, even after sales are dropping. Further, they choose to handle it on their own but get stuck while choosing ways to boost sales as there are so many of them. To clear your doubts, we bring a list of tips that will help in improving the sales of your eCommerce store.

Tips To Boost Your Magento Store Sales

Before diving deep into the ocean, let’s know what lies on the surface. Well, here I’m talking about factors that influence the customer’s choice on eCommerce sites.

  • Secure Payment Process.
  • Easy Check-Out Process.
  • The facility of Free Shipping.
  • Effortless Return Policy.
  • Providing Estimated Delivery Time.
  • Enabled Tracking Information.

Knowing these factors will give you a head start regarding which things to improve or update for attracting and serving customers in the best possible manner.

Tips to generate high sales for your Magento eCommerce store

Faster Loading Magento Store

In this fast-paced world, There is hardly anyone who has the patience to wait for your site to load. According to research, an eCommerce site with a loading speed of 2-3 seconds is highly preferred by both Google and customers. Any eCommerce site taking a long time may face negative reactions in the form of lower search engine rankings which might affect your eCommerce SEO.

There are higher chances of customers leaving your site without any purchase if you’re page loading speed is slow.  With Magento eCommerce development, you can enhance the loading speed of your eCommerce store. You can also use various optimization extensions such as Speed optimization, Page Speed Extension to enhance the speed.

Besides, you can compress JavaScript, CSS files, and also optimize your product image size, with code and database optimization. It will improve your Magento store loading speed and eventually result in higher search engine rankings and more customers.

Mobile-Friendly Magento Store

With technological advancement, cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. No matter the work, cellphones are always there to help. Similarly, even eCommerce stores are widely accessed by cell phones. Due to this sole and important reason, you must have a mobile-friendly Magento store.

Further, It will also improve your search engine rankings with a higher number of customers in your eCommerce store. Whereas Not having a mobile-friendly eCommerce site may cost you several customers, which will, as a result, affect your sales severely.

To ensure if your site is mobile-friendly or not, you can make your eCommerce store go through a Google mobile-friendly test. It will assure you about its responsiveness to various devices.

Product Promotion on Home Page

Want to increase audience engagement? One of the best tried and tested methods include promoting products on the homepage of the eCommerce store. Many eCommerce stores have sections like new and best-selling products on the home page itself that redirect to product pages.

This method will help in gaining new customers and retaining the existing ones by showing them the best you’ve got. It will keep them glued to your Magento eCommerce store for a considerable time and even convert into sales.

Payment Options

One of the primary reasons for abandoned carts is the lack of secure and user-friendly payment methods. Besides, lesser payment methods also lead customers to leave your eCommerce store without any purchase.

For the same, you should try to make your payment channels as safe as possible. Further, you should also consider adding payment options such as PayPal, Stripe Gateways, and Credit card. 

While Magento website development, ensure to add Magento extension to your eCommerce store as it will provide a wide option of payment methods from all around the world. It will increase your reach to a greater number of customers and also intensify your sales, which will result in higher profits.

24*7 Support

When your eCommerce store serves customers from different countries, it becomes essential to be at their service all around the clock. There could be an instance where someone might have some queries relating to your store or any particular product page. Now, it is essential to assist them and answer their questions.

Enabling Live Chat on your eCommerce store is the best way to assist your customers regardless of their locations. It will help in building a healthy relationship with your customers and also affect your sales positively.

Avoiding the Live chat option will affect your eCommerce site badly as customers will leave the store after some time. The gap in communication will result in decreased sales and conversion rates. It is advised to opt for chat extensions meanwhile your Magento eCommerce store is in development.

Effortless Checkout Process

The eCommerce store owners should always opt for an easier checkout process. According to research, customers are more likely to abandon carts due to complex checkout process. It is advised to have some essential elements such as personal information, auto-filling fields, delivery options, multiple secured payment options in your check out process for increasing your sales instantly.

One should always opt for a one-step check-out extension, which will help in creating an easy check-out process for your customers. Here, the lengthy process of 6 steps is shortened to just one step. But, setting up a new checkout extension isn’t that easy and will require a Magento website developer for conducting it successfully.

Free Shipping

we all love getting things for free even if its something small. eCommerce store should offer free shipping to potential customers. For the same, You can fix a certain amount on which they will get free shipping. Such schemes encourage customers to purchase more items, which will have a positive impact on sales and revenue.

Mostly customers are hesitant to purchase if there is any charge on the shipping process. So, opting for free shipping is one of the best ways to boost your Magento store sales.

Email Marketing

In this competitive world, It is essential to communicate with audiences for making them aware of your presence in the market. Opting for newsletters or other tools of email marketing will provide the much-needed boost to sales and revenue.

But these newsletters have to be utterly professional. They must be sent regularly in a week, fortnight or month. These newsletters can be used as a tool for promoting your new products to existing and potential customers of your eCommerce store.

The newsletters should be designed in an innovative and informative manner. It will induce curiosity in the customer to visit your eCommerce store and check out your products. Sometimes they may also result in a sale of the product.

Wrapping Up

Magento is considered to be the best eCommerce platform when compared to others. As they provide creative and interactive concepts for your eCommerce stores. But for making it work appropriately, you must consider hiring a Magento development company. These professionals will ensure that your eCommerce store is accessible and attractive enough to serve your customers effectively.

We hope these tips mentioned above in the article may help you in understanding your eCommerce store and the customer needs in a better way. Using these tips will eventually result in higher sales and increased revenues.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, feel free to share in the comments.

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