Books On Coding By Women

As we are aware that in the coding world is mainly dominated by men, but there are women too who have made their name in the field mostly dominated by men.

Here we share a list of some of the lists that we are sharing with you and also the names of the books they have authored.

Books On Coding By Women

Gnana Lakshmi TC

Books On Coding By Women 1

Gnana Lakshmi T C also called Gyan is the Leadership Fellow at Women Who Code for Blockchain. She leads and manages the Blockchain community for WWCode across the globe. 

Having over 7 years of experience as a Software Developer, Gyan is extremely passionate about women in technology and has been leading the Bangalore network of Women Who Code for more than 2 years. She also conducted several meetups and has given several tech talks on various topics like Blockchain and Machine Learning. She is a very hands-on coder and loves working on emerging technologies.

Gnana Lakshmi TC is also the author of a programming book named “Hands-on Supervised Learning with Python”.

Neha Shrivastava

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Neha Shrivastava is an experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in .NET, C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET Core, Javascript, SQL, Oracle Database, Requirements Analysis, Agile Methodologies, and PL/SQL. She is also a Microsoft certified professional and works as a software engineer for the Cloud & AI group at Microsoft India Development Center.

Neha Shrivastava is an author of “Parallel Programming with C# and .NET Core”.

Dhruti Shah

Books On Coding By Women 3

Dhruti Shah is a multi-skilled, innovative, and tech-savvy person. She has authored technical content/books for more than 10 technologies and has also conducted technical Webinars on international platforms for Nigeria, Vietnam, and Trinidad.

Dhruti Shah is the author of two well-known programming books named “Node.js Guidebook”, and “ 100+ Solutions in Java”.

Shubhangi Agarwal

Books On Coding By Women 4

Shubhangi Agarwal is a software engineer having more than 4 years of experience. She has also worked on various technologies with hands-on experience in Java, Spring, Python, Oracle, SQL, rest API, selenium, NodeJS, NoSQL (MongoDB), XML, JSON, Appium, ADB, scraping and crawling, Machine learning, Python/Linux scripting, etc. She also has a good hold on Golang.

She is currently working with Tata Consultancy Services Ltd as a senior software engineer. She also shares her views on common tech problems & their solution, multiple programming languages, and also makes videos on technical content.

Shubhangi Agarwal is also an author of a book called “Learning Go Programming”.

Dr. Madhavi Vaidya

Books On Coding By Women 5

Dr. Madhavi Vaidya is a qualified and experienced Assistant Professor and has a history of working in the education management industry. She is skilled in programming languages like C, Oracle Database, Python, and SQL. Dr. Madhavi has knowledge of Information Retrieval, Software Engineering, Data Analytics, and Project Management.

She has a strong education professional with a Master of Computer Applications and Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering. One of her key areas is Big Data analytics using Hadoop-MapReduce and various Big Data technologies.

She is also a Content Writer at Udemy and other online courses are in her credit including BPB publications.

Tons of research papers are also to her credit, presented and published in numerous National and International conferences along with research chapters and articles in IEEE, Elsevier, ACM, and Developer IQ magazine.  

Dr. Madhavi Vaidya is also an author of the book “RDBMS In-Depth”.

Books On Coding By Women 6

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