5 Travel Tips to Make Your U.K. Trip Easier

U.K. is a great place to visit. It has a rich tradition and complex culture, which makes it a perfect destination for people who like to travel. There are so many things you can do and see in the U.K. that you will simply want to stay more. Still, traveling may not always be easy. That is why it is very important to get to know as much as possible about your destination. And here are a few tips you should have in mind when traveling to the U.K.

London view at bank district, amazing skyscrapers and Thames river, United Kingdom

1. Exchange Currency

Unlike the rest of Europe, England decided not to accept Euro, since Great British Pound is very strong. You might be able to pay in Euro in some shops, but you will still get your change in pounds. When getting money from an ATM machine, you will get your money in pounds and you will be charged with a foreign transaction fee (usually 3%). This fee will be calculated not only when you take money from an ATM machine but also when you pay with your credit card. So it is a good idea to think about exchanging currency when traveling to the U.K.

2.Get an Oyster Card

Another thing we all have in mind when we think about traveling to U.K.is taking a famous black cab. But you must have in mind that the times change and so does the means of transportation. Cabs are now much squarer and come in multiple colours. Taking a red double-decker bus may also not be easy. Old style is making a comeback though, so you might be able to find one of these. Still, the best way to move around in London, a city you will definitely want to visit, is to get an Oyster Card. It is a car that allows you to ride the famous London Subway which is the best way to move around in London.

3. Prepare Not to Understand Everything

Depending on which part of the U.K. you are visiting, you might not be able to understand everything local people tell you. This is because people who come from certain parts of England tend to speak in very strong accents. Not to mention people who come from Scotland or Ireland. This can be really dodgy for all the Americans or people who have been using American English all their life. So prepare for different meanings of many words. For example, while Americans say that they live in apartments, Brits say they live in Flats. Also, Americans go on vacation, while Brits go on Holiday.

4. Find the Right Accommodation

Another thing you are supposed to know is that hotels in the U.K. can be quite expensive. Staying in a hotel is a good idea when you are visiting the country for just a few days. But in case you are planning to stay longer, you should think about finding another type of accommodation. Staying in an apartment is always a good idea, especially when visiting London. In case you want to save some money on accommodation and spend it somewhere else, it is also a good idea to share accommodation. No matter which part of London you want to stay at, you can easily find someone to share an apartment with.

5. Get Ready for U.K. Customs

First of all, it is important to mention that Brits drive on the left. This is something many tourists have trouble dealing with. In case you might not be able to get used to driving on the left, you should think about moving around only by cabs or the subway. Also, leaving your fork and knife in the middle of the plate is the only way to acknowledge that you are finished with your meal. In case you leave them crossed at the top of the plate, the waiter will assume you have not finished yet. Do not ask for ice in your beer as Brits drink beer at room temperature.

It is always important to know things like this before you’re your trips starts. Only in case you prepare carefully for it will you be able to fully enjoy it and have a great time. There is hardly a better place to visit than U.K. and no matter how long you stay, there will always be something new for you to see.

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